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Original Nikkor 5cm F1.1 vs OLJ Type 2 Lens Hood

OLJ Type 2 lens hood is expertly designed, meticulously crafted, and adorned with an elegant black paint finish on brass. Despite its substantial weight of 198.73 grams vs orginal plastic version of 23.523 grams, this lens hood is a testament to enduring quality, poised to accompany you throughout a lifetime of photographic journeys. The Type 2 lens hood can accommodate 62mm filter upside down or 67mm screwed in. The 67mm is suitable for filter such as variable ND filter.

Furthermore, this lens hood offers versatility that transcends convention. Capable of being flipped over and securely screwing in, it provides comprehensive safeguarding for your cherished Nikkor 5cm F1.1 lens. In addition to its multifunctional design, we're thrilled to share that this innovation is currently undergoing patent approval in Japan—a testament to its pioneering features and remarkable ingenuity.

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