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The story behind ZBlossom Cookie and Chocolate by Kenneth Min Zee

In loving memory of my Mom and Dad.  Always on my mind forever in my heart.

Ever since my mother suffered from severe subarachnoid hemorrage in 2004, her left arm and leg were paralysed. Being in the age of late sixties, rehabilitation was not of her main interest, rather she craved for gourmet food and sweets after each session of rehabilitation.  Her craving excelled as she lost her hope to walk on her own, and she continued to gain weight.  I could see my father can no longer control her craving of snacks and sweets.  My father, who was also a sweet lover, stopped buying sweets for himself knowing that it will be consumed by my mother if any of the sweets get home.  And at times, I can listen to them arguing from time to time for not letting her have a piece of cookie or chocolate.  My mother did not have diabetes but her sugar level was already at border line. 

Then one day, I placed myself under their shoes.  What if my father was able to allow my mother to have few cookies and/or chocolates, every time she craves, that are healthy, but yet it tastes even better to her than Godiva or Agnes B.  This amazing recipe became possible after I met Chef Rocky Lai, a famous patissier in Hong Kong in 2017.  It took more than nine months of hard work to get the right recipe, texture, and design for the cookie and chocolate.  It is because, firstly I wanted to add deer horn reishi (i.e. lingzhi in Chinese) which has the highest Beta-glucan content among the known reishi.  Secondly,  I wanted to replace all the conventional unhealthy ingredients with healthy organic components with absolutely no compromise.  


In my opinion, the recipe is now PERFECT, and I am proud to introduce the most healthiest and delicious cookie and chocolate of all time for adults.  Please be reminded that the cookie and chocolate were design for my parents and some of you may not like the taste and texture, but they are certainly the BEST for me. 

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