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The story behind ZBlossom Screen Protector, by Kenneth Min Zee


I started shooting with Leica cameras (i.e. Leica type M-P240)  in January 2013 with the influence of a Japanese photographer, Mr. Yoshiaki Kubota, and since then, I have added to my collection,  M-Monochrom type 246, SL-type 601 and recently the M10.   I usually have screen protectors for all my cameras but every products out in the market did not suit perfectly to my standards.  


This got me thinking!  Being a photographer myself and a Leica camera lover, I wear my camera practically everyday.  This means that my camera “no matter what” will be wearing out somehow or the other.  Scratches on my camera body and LCD screens are inevitable.   I understand that  M-P Type 240 and M-Monochrome Type 246 LDC screens use extremely scratch-resistant, and almost unbreakable sapphire cover glass.  So chances of getting a scratch might be very slim, but it was still not in my comfort zone. For you information, the SL type 601 and M10 use standard glasses.  Leica uses sapphire glasses on the P series (e.g. M9-P and M-P Type 240, M- Monochrom type 246, etc).  But unfortunately Leica decided not to use sapphire glass on M10-P.  Why?,  I do not know.


Most of my friend photographers like to carry two cameras because, they do not want to change the lenses or would like to also shoot on film or use monochrome.  I myself carry two cameras on important photo shoots. There are many incidents on two cameras shooters to shatter or scratch the LCD glass without knowing what really happened.  It will cost you at least US$500 to replace the glass and even higher on sapphire glasses, and on top of that you will have to part with your beloved camera for a while.    


So I started to design and craft my own screen protector on the cameras starting with all the Leica cameras I owned. Truly speaking I had tremendous help from my Japanese friends who had expertise on advanced silicon adhesion film, tempered glass, and eleophobic/anti-fingerprint coating technologies.  


Leica ​unfortunately decided not to change the LCD gorilla glass to a sapphire glass as they did on the previous professional models (i.e. M-P type 240).  

Our Zblossom protective glass supports touchscreen and made with special, impact-absorbing tempered glass with limited life time guarantee.  On M11, we have upgraded to include coating which cuts more than 70% of blue light before entering your eyes.

With all my Leica cameras with the shatter-proof tempered glass screen guard placed, I can now  take photos with peace in my mind!  If you are a heavy user like me, and you love your camera so much, I highly recommend you get one of my LCD screen protector.  Your camera(s)  deserve the love and care from you.  

This video is uploaded in YouTube HK and was prepared by Tea J (sub channel) in Japanese on M-P240 Screen Protector for Leica 
Tea J(サブチャネル)さんがYouTubeでご紹介して頂きました、 M-P Typ240用 スクリーンプロテクターです



  • Designed and crafted for Leica M-P type 240, M10's, and M11's model, however, M11 version is an upgraded version with blue light reduction glass.

  • Clear window display, high tough sensitivity, and smooth to the touch.

  • Oleophobic and anti-fingerprint coating to resist smudges and fingerprints.

  • Chemically treated tempered glass that is slim and comfortable.

  • Thickness: 0.3 mm

  • Surface Hardness: 9H.

  • Anti-Shatter Film.

  • Advanced Silicon Adhesion Film.

  • Design by Star Products Co., Ltd. (by Kenneth Min Zee)


Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - If your screen protector ever gets worn or scratched, don't worry — we will provide a one-time replacement for screen protectors that are damaged during installation or use, FREE of charge. If the defect is proven to be from our end, the provided replacement screen protector will not count as the ‘one-time replacement’.

  • If you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way, we will allow refunds for unused products within two weeks of purchase.

  • Please note that you will need to send us photo proof of the defective or damaged screen via e-mail to in order to claim the replacement protector screen.



  • Delivery fee(s) will be waived for Hong Kong and Japan. However, delivery fee(s) will be charged for a replacement protector screen unless we find a defect(s) on our product(s).

  • Under special circumstances, we may deliver the product(s) to countries other than Hong Kong and Japan on mutually agreed terms.  Drop us a note at and maybe we can work out a deal.

  • Please allow at least 3-4 workings days for us to respond to inquiries related to delivery.

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