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Old Lens Junkies - Our Beginning


Old Lens Junkies (OLJ) was founded by Yoshiaki Kubota, Kenneth Min Zee, and Masaya Toji, three enthusiasts with a love for old lenses, with the primary purpose of sharing information about lenses from the film camera era. Initially, the trio used the latest cameras and lenses from brands like Sony, Nikon, and Fujifilm. However, they soon became unsatisfied with the high-quality and uniform photos produced by modern lenses and stepped into the quagmire of old lenses.

From left:  Kenneth Min Zee, Toji Masaya, Yoshiaki Kubota 

Photo taken by Etta Wong with Leica M3, Summaron 5cm F2 version 1, & Ilford XP2 400.

According to OLJ, old lenses are manual focus lenses from the 1970s or earlier, and lenses released after the mid-1980s are not considered old lenses. In contrast to modern lenses, which prioritize manufacturing efficiency and significant cost reduction, old lenses have a solid metal feel and a meticulously handcrafted design. Each lens used in them has unique variations due to its hand-polished nature. Furthermore, some old lenses do not have a coating, making them susceptible to scratches and fogging, which can result in image degradation. However, these very imperfections create the unique charm and appeal of old lenses. Captivated by this, OLJ members have spent years acquiring old lenses.


During the collection process, they encountered various issues such as being unable to obtain original lens hoods for the lenses they had, fragile original hoods that were too delicate to use, and clip-on hoods that easily came off. These problems have caused high-quality lenses to be stored away in boxes, depriving them of the opportunity to see the light of day - a truly unfortunate situation for the lenses. To address these issues, we decided to develop dedicated lens hoods that not only look great but also overcome the problems of the past. We hope that these hoods will prevent lenses from being stored away and allow them to be used to their fullest potential. Our ultimate goal is to introduce the charm of old lenses to more people. By sharing the unique textures and appeal of old lenses and creating a community where we can explore them together, we hope to fulfil our desires.


Join our community and share the beauty of old lenses with us.

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