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After seven decades since the introduction of the Nikkor 5cm F1.1, we've very likely crafted the ultimate lens hood design specifically catered to Nikon's legendary ultra-high-speed lens. What distinguishes our classic lens hood as exceptional among photography enthusiasts? 


The OLJ Lens Hood is a product born from my journey with Leica cameras. It all began in January 2013, when I was introduced to Leica, particularly the M-P Type 240, by the fellow Japanese photograph master, Mr. Yoshiaki Kubota. Since then, my collection has expanded to include the M-Monochrom type 246, SL-type 601, M10, and most recently, the M11. Alongside these, I've rekindled my passion for film photography, acquiring two M3's, two M2's (one in black paint), two IIIa's, two M4's in black paint, and a custom MP in black paint.

With a special affection for capturing portraits, I've amassed a collection of almost every legendary Leica, Nikon, and Zunow rangefinder lens. When it comes to 50mm lenses of Noctilux caliber, the list I've either owned or currently possess is extensive.

  1. Leica Noctilux 50mm F1.2 AA with original hood; 1,757 pieces produced.

  2. Leica Noctilux 50mm F1.2 revival version with original hood x 2.

  3. Leica Noctilux 50mm F1.o E58 with original hood; approx 3,500 pieces produced.

  4. Leica Noctilux 50mm F1.0 E60 V3 with original hood; approx. 3,150 produced.

  5. Leica Noctilux 50mm F0.95 (built-in hood).

  6. Nikon 5cm F1.1 Internal S-mount modified to M-mount; 835 produced; modified to M mounts

  7. Nikon 5cm F1.1 External S-mount with original plastic hood; 1,547 produced.

  8. Zunow 5cm F1.1 LTM E54.5 

  9. Zunow 5cm F1.1 Internal S-Mount Black Paint E54.5

  10. Zunow 5cm F1.1 Internal S-Mount E55

  11. Zunow 5cm F1.1 LTM E54.5 (serviced by Kanto Camera in August 2023)

  12. MS Optical 5omm F1.1 Sonnetar (sold via Fotopia HK) 

  13. Canon 50mm F1.2 LTM with original hood (under maintenance with NOCTO, Japan Inc.)  ​ ​

Finding original hoods for Noctilux lenses is quite challenging, and when it comes to Nikon and Zunow lens hoods, they're nearly impossible to come by. Many of the Nikon 5cm F1.1 lens hoods were crafted from plastic and simply haven't endured the test of time. A mint plastic hood can now command prices as high as US$3,500 in today's market. Even third-party hoods like the YAMA Special, once available for ¥27,000 in select camera shops in Japan and made from aluminium, now fetch premiums, with recent sales reaching up to US$1,000 on Yahoo Auctions. Zunow lens hoods, typically constructed from black-painted steel, are incredibly rare, and I've never personally laid eyes on an original Zunow hood.

This predicament prompted me to ponder a solution for preserving my precious Nikon and Zunow lenses. After much contemplation, I decided to take matters into my own hands and design and craft lens hoods myself. I successfully produced 100 units of Project #1, #2, #3, and #5 Nikon RF lens hoods, all meticulously crafted from brass, coated with black paint, and proudly made in Japan. As 12 units of each model are already reserved and considered sold, I intend to offer the remaining 38 pieces of each model in Japan at fixed yen prices and the remaining 50 pieces for the rest of the world at fixed US dollar prices.

My hope is that through these projects, lens users will have the opportunity to safeguard their original hoods or potentially sell them for financial gain, while utilizing my hoods to bring those old lenses out of storage or off the shelf and let them "see the light of day" once more. It's worth noting that lenses, like any mechanical equipment, benefit from occasional use to maintain their optimal condition.

Here are the key features of the hoods:


Project  #1:  W-Nikkor 3.5cm F1.8, S-mount,  48mm filter size, & Nikkor P.C 8.5 cm F2,  48mm filter size.  

It is designed to fit 48mm and/or 52mm filters on the hood.​  Total of 88 to be sold (38 for Japan market, and 50 for the rest of the world), and they are made out of brass with black paint finishing. 

Project #2:  Nikkor-N 5cm F1.1, S-mount, 62mm filter size.  

It is designed to fit on 62mm, and 67mm filters inside the hood.  The hood design is patent pending in Japan under 特願 2023=109302.  The final product is made out of brass with black paint bake finishing and is reversible.

Project #3: W-Nikkor 3.5cm F2.5 S-mount, 43mm filter size, and Nikkor-W 3.5cm F1.8 LTM, 43mm filter size.  It is designed to fit 52mm filters on outer rim of the hood. 

They are made out of brass with black paint finishing.

Skipped Project #4 due to Feng Shui. 

Project #5: W-Nikkor 2.5cm F4. 34.5mm filter size, & Nikkor 3.5cm F2.5 LTM, 34.5mmm filter size.​ It is designed to fit 37mm filters inside the hood, and 60mm filter on outer rim. Project 5L prototype is ready.  It is a 34mm screw in type to fit on Leica E34 lenses such as Summaron 28mm F5.6.  

Project #6 is under consideration to furnish lens hoods for Leica E39 (X). E46(Y), E49(Z) filter size lenses.

Project #7 is under consideration: Leica 58mm filter size lenses; Nikkor 8.5cm F1.5 LTM, Leica Noctilux 5omm F1.0, Version 1, Made in Canada, and Leica Summarex 8.5cm F1.5 LTM.  

Project #8: Zunow 5cm F1.1 S-mount  54.5mm (under consideration, but if I were to make, I will make less than 10).  

​All of the above lens hoods will be made out of brass.

Updated on August 26, 2023.

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