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The Rose Tea (10 gram)

The Rose Tea (10 gram)

SKU: RT0001

Our partner have been producing the ROSE TEA from 100% organic damascus rose petal originated from the high mountain of Pakistan for decades.  This tea has gentle rosy aroma, and has been used  by the Persian for centuries to detoxify their body, especially the liver.  It is also known to imporve your eyesights and maintain healthy and radiant skin.   


In order to produce, we hand pick the wild damascus rose petals and naturally dried by sunlight for seven (7) to ten (10) days twice daily (in the morning and in the afternoon).   So it is extremely time consuming process to produce this amazing Rose Tea.  


    Due to government order to relocate part of the facilities in Pakistan, we have ceased the production of this wonderful product until further notice.  We are doing our best to resolve the issues and we sincerely apologize to the fans, regular users, and those who pre-ordered our Rose Tea at Elim Lifestyle Shops in Shatin, Jordon, and Admilralty. 

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