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Screen Protector for Leica M10 and M10-P

Screen Protector for Leica M10 and M10-P

SKU: LM10-001

Shatter-Proof Tempered Glass Screen Guard is made with a special, impact-absorbing tempered glass to protect Leica Camera M10 and M10-P screens from damage, such as scratches and cracks.  Our screen fully supports the touch-functions of checking focus in Live-View and Playback, as well as swiping and pinch-to-zoom.  


Please Note: Due to freight cost issues, we only market our products in Hong Kong and Japan.  However, if you still wish to purchase our product(s), please email us and we will try to accomodate your requests to the best of our ability.  



  • Product Features


    • Designed and crafted for Leica M10 models.
    • Clear window display, high tough sensitivity, and smooth to the touch.
    • Oleophobic and anti-fingerprint coating to resist smudges and fingerprints.
    • Chemically treated tempered glass that is slim and comfortable.
    • Thickness: 0.3 mm
    • Surface Hardness: 9H.
    • Anti-Shatter Film.
    • Advanced Silicon Adhesion Film.
    • Design by Star Products Co., Ltd.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty, Replacement, and Refund

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty - If your screen protector ever gets worn or scratched, don't worry — we will provide a one-time replacement for screen protectors that are damaged during installation or use, FREE of charge. If the defect is proven to be from our end, the provided replacement screen protector will not count as the ‘one-time replacement’.
    • If you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way, we will allow refunds for unused products within two weeks of purchase.
    • Please note that you will need to send us photo proof of the defective or damaged screen via e-mail to in order to claim the replacement protector screen.
  • Delivery

    • Delivery fee(s) will be waived for Hong Kong and Japan. However, delivery fee(s) will be charged for a replacement protector screen unless we find a defect(s) on our product(s).
    • Under special circumstances, we may deliver the product(s) to countries other than Hong Kong and Japan on mutually agreed terms.  
    • Please allow at least 3-4 workings days for us to respond to inquiries related to delivery.
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