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Red Oolong Tea (75g)

Red Oolong Tea (75g)

SKU: RO 001

ZBLOSSOM ~ Splendid Tea  



一定產量的茶葉。 茶樹就像人一樣,生生不息,如果在優質的茶園環境中種植和管理,再經過製茶師  



ZBLOSSOM ~ Splendid Tea 就像茶樹生生不息開花結果,花色也代表不同類別的茶與香氣,像女性穿著  




特色 : 「紅 烏龍茶」茶湯水色琥珀橙紅,有如紅茶般茶湯色澤,茶專挑選此「原片」茶品特色在於種植



   ~ 更可當陳年茶典藏!


ZBLOSSOM ~ Splendid Tea   - Tea tree life cycle can be a hundred years or more, but generally have 

planting years economic value of about 50 years. Although some trees are well over a hundred years old, 

it can still produce fine tealeaves.


Tea trees just like people can grow and multiply with no limitation.  If grown and managed at high-quality 

tea garden environment, hand picked and made by the tea expert, the quality of tea becomes totally different 

as the white, green, celadon, yellow, black and dark tea.  Thus, we call our tea "Splendid Tea".


ZBLOSSOM ~ the logo represents our Splendid Tea to endlessly blossom, with multiple colors addressing 

different types of aroma and flavours.  The lady in the leaves and flowers dances in the water, exuding   

different aroma and personality of the tea.  Tea likes flowers exude fragrance and charming colors to attract  

us to TASTE.


Features: "RED Oolong Tea" has natural amber color.   Teas grown at altitudes of 

1,000 meter and above.  "Original film tea" with partial fermentation, the most 

important difficulty is the fermentation takes time to accumulate, it is the tea 

technology process challenges.  The tea is elegant and unique, it has no 

condiments.  Have floral and fruity aromas.  Flavor is sweet and 

smooth.  Can be brewed hot or cold.             

    ~ Try our Vintage Tea Collection!


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