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Protective Glass for Leica M11 Series with Soft Release Button

Protective Glass for Leica M11 Series with Soft Release Button

SKU: LM11B001

We are proud to present the world first shattered-proof tempered glass screen guard with blue light block coating of Leica M 11 series.  The product is made in China with Japanese technology and designed by Star Products Company Limited.  Assuming you have your new M11, we have included our passionate red brass based soft release button for you camera.  If you want you soft release button to be engraved, please email us at   What is inside the box? 

  • Product Features

    What is inside the box: 

    • Blue light block coating. Cuts more than 70% of blue light before entering your eyes.
    • Oleophobic and anti-fingerprint coating to resist smudges and fingerprints.
    • Clear window display, high touch sensitivity, and smooth, confortable touch.
    • Chemically treated tempered glass.
    • ThicknessL 0.3mm.
    • Surface Hardness: 9H.
    • Anti-Shatter Film.
    • Advanced Silicon Adhesion Film.
  • Installation Guide

    Installation Guide and video

    1. Prior to application, wash hands thoroughly to remove any dirt or oil.
    2. Use the enclosed wet dry wipe and microfiber clopth to clean the LCD screen.
    3. Peel off the protection layer and carefully align the temperec glass protector from the top left corner to the bottom left corner of the LCD screen until it is perfectly placed. The tempered glass will not seal perfectly unless it is well placed. Be patient! Our product is designed to be perfect fit!  Repeat the process carefully until it is perfect.
    4. Lighly press the center of the tempered glass protector as the adhesive to the LCD screen.  Use the cleaning cloth or fingers to remove visible bubbles from the screen.

    Note: Only a right amount of pressure is necessary for the product to stick as the protector's adhesive properties allow it ot easily stick to the screen.  Excessive force may damage the product.

    What is inside the box video (in Japanese)

    Instruciton video (in Japanese)

  • Warranty and Refund

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty - If your screen protector ever gets worn or scratched, don't worry — we will provide a one-time replacement for screen protectors that are damaged during installation or use, FREE of charge. If the defect is proven to be from our end, the provided replacement screen protector will not count as the ‘one-time replacement’.
    • If you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way, we will allow refunds for unused products within two weeks of purchase.
    • Please note that you will need to send us photo proof of the defective or damaged screen via e-mail to in order to claim the replacement protector screen.
  • Delivery Fee

    Delivery fee is free if destination is within Hong Kong SAR.

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