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Hokkaido Reishi Chocolate (12 pieces)

Hokkaido Reishi Chocolate (12 pieces)


 "Zblossom's Hokkaido Reishi Chocolate" is finally ready! Hand made by ex-patessier from Agnes B, the chocolates are 100% vegetarian, sugar free, and include the highest grade deer horn reishi (lingzhi/immune system booter) from Hokkaido, Japan.  The red tin can contains twelve pieces of chocolates wraped individually in plastic bag.


Ingredients: Sugar free cholocate (maltitol, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocao powder, emulsfier, lecithin (E322), vanilla, reishi.  


Please note: This product may contain milk, soybeans, and nuts. 


This chocolate product is suggested to be kept in a dry, cool place with temperature between 16 degree C to 18 degree C (60 degree F to 64 degree F).  


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