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Type 2, 62mm screw-in Lens Hood for Nikkor-N 5cm F1.1

Type 2, 62mm screw-in Lens Hood for Nikkor-N 5cm F1.1

庫存單位: NK - Type 2

注意:日本円でのご購入のお客様には為替と消費税に伴い価格が多少異なります。 までお問い合わせください。送付先も日本の住所のみとなります。


Priced at US$500 (HK$3,900), this lens hood design is patent pending, crafted, and painted in Japan.  The hood screws in on Nikkor-N 5cm F1.1 lens (62mm).   You can also use 67mm filter (e.g. ND filters) inside the hood.  To protect your precious lens, we have designed to also reversely screw directly on your lens.  This hood is huge, heavy, and made out of brass. There is nothing like it in the market that enhances the extravagant appreance of you precious camera. 


  • Product Features


    • Designed for Nikkor-N 5cm F1.1
    • Composition of Brass: Copper 61.5%, Zinc 38.0%, Fe, Pb P, Bi, Sb 0.5%. ) 
    • Bake painted in black paint 
    • Weight with black paint, 198.72 gram
    • 62 mm screw in type
    • Able to attach 67mm filter inside the hood
    • Design by Kenneth Zee, Crown Co., Ltd., Yokohama, Japan
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty, Replacement, and Refund

    • Limited Warranty - If the lens hood is damaged due to defect, and  is proven to be from our end, we will provide replacement by return, however, we will need to recover the defect hood. 
    • If you are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way, we will allow refunds for unused products within two weeks of purchase/arrival of product(s).  You will however need to provide us with arrival date proof. 
    • Please note that you will need to send us photo proof of the defective or damaged lens hood via e-mail to in order to claim the replacement. 
  • Delivery

    • Delivery fee(s) will be waived for Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, United States, and UK.  
    • Under circumstances, we will deliver the product(s) to countries other than Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, United States, and UK,  on mutually agreed terms.  
    • Please allow at least 5 workings days for us to respond to inquiries related to delivery.
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