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I started shooting professionally after my encounter with the Leica M system rangefinder cameras in January 2015.  Before that I was a stubborn Nikon man.

I specialise in portrait photography and contemporary landscape, and love shooting especailly in Hong Kong, Japan, and Europe.

 I am also an exclusive photographer for Woman Plus International Ltd. and Star Products, Co., Ltd

I am a brand owner of ZBlossom, The Rose Water, and few other brands related to organic products. I produce and market 1) the genuine rose water under the brand name "The Rose Water"  (,  2) LCD screen protectors for Leica cameras'  M-P type 240, M-Morochrome 246, SL type 601, and M10, and 3) Hokkaido Reishi Cookie and Chocolate under the brand name Zblossom. 

​Starting January, 2018, I am also a general reporter and photographer of Exclusive News International + Weekly "Ahmiyat."

My collection of photography can be viewed in  










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